Welcome to Vaporo Country!

Swiss electronic cigarette

Welcome to Vaporo Country!

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Introducing the e-cigarette

The dangers related to smoking cigarettes and to passive smoke are well known: smoking kills.
As human beings we cannot ignore this fact, but as smokers we cannot ignore the pleasure of smoking.
We do not discuss the importance of respecting the non smokers, but it is unconfortable to smoke outside, moreover in winter.


Now there is a solution: stop smoking, breath vapour.


Our aim is to promote e-smoke as an alternative to classic deadly smoke. The advantages are:


- changing from smoking to e-smoking is as easy as swithcing to another brand of cigarettes;

- keep the vice, stop breathing combustion products;

- esmoke doesn't smell and doesn't annoy people around you: the passive effect is minimized;

- e-Liquids for electronic cigarette with nicotine ? Why not ?!?! In the other hand, in Switzerland is not allowed to sell liquids with nicotine, that’s why you will not find such product in our shop.

- cigarettes are one of the main causes of home and bush fires. E-cigarettes are fire safe.

- it's cheaper than classic cigarette and you can breath it anywhere.


We sell some of the best eCigarettes devices and have a large choice of flavors (nicotine free) to match the taste you prefer.

Please have a look at our products and thank-you for visiting e-Clope.ch.



Sincerly yours e-Clope.ch Team